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Pictures of Dilute Red (Isabella) Merle Dogs

Dilute red merles can be hard to tell from regular red merles. Part of the problem is that even in non-dilute reds, there is a wide range of red coloring, everything from very dark liver/chocolate colors down to so-called "pink" or orange shades. Regular red merles should always have darkly pigmented noses, lips, eyerims, and pawpads. A dilute red merle should have a lighter shade, with a bit of a silvery cast (Weimaraners are actually dilute reds). This difference can be very hard to see in pictures. This color is sometimes referred to as "isabella" or "fawn" (some breeds use fawn when referring to sable dogs, so double check!)

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At this time, we don't have any pictures of dilute red merles. If you have one that you would like to share, please let us know!

To see more pictures of dilute coloring (not all are red merles), visit Inheritance of Color in the Australian Shepherd - Dilute Aussies.