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Double Merle Eyes

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Lexi's eyes

Starburst pupils

Daisy's eyes

Dropped pupils, irregularly shaped, maybe slight microphthalmia.

Gwydion's eyes

Dropped pupil in right eye (it's hard to see in the picture, but his pupils are perfectly round - the irregular coloration is just pigment)

Gwen's eyes

Microphthalmic with starburst/irregular pupils.

Tyson's eyes

Microphthalmia in both eyes.

Merlin's eyes

Slightly irregular pupils (see close-up on is profile page).

Lizzi's eyes

Starburst, dropped pupils, and microphthalmia

Snow's eyes

Microphthalmia, dropped pupil

Joey's eyes

Micropthalmia and off-centered pupils

Tater's eyes

Starburst and dropped pupils

Cali's eyes

Starburst pupils

Travis's eyes


To see more pictures of eye defects, visit Inheritance of Color in the Australian Shepherd - Aussie Eye Defects.